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Posted 25 November 2021

Improving your Grand Allegro

Watching a dancer soar through the air in an impressive position is no doubt one of the most exciting things in ballet. As a dancer, that split second when you hover mid-air is the most powerful and i ...read more

Posted 01 November 2021

Q&A with Royal Ballet Soloist: Tierney Heap

We are thrilled to have sat down with Featured Coach & Royal Ballet Soloist Tierney Heap. In this blog, we chat about Tierneys journey of becoming a Royal Ballet Soloist as well as her tips & advice f ...read more


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Posted 25 August 2021

Creating a Productive Routine

The key to success: creating and sticking to a realistic, productive routine. ...read more

Posted 05 August 2021

Achieve Your Fouettes

Fouettés are without a doubt one of the most exciting steps in classical dance! Mainly performed during the final grand pas de deux in a ballet as a part of the coda, this is one of the most exciting ...read more

Posted 07 July 2021

Benefits of Learning Ballet

Learning ballet comes with so many benefits; physical, mental and social. Ballet teaches you a multitude of things and today I am going to discuss the many benefits of learning ballet & how regular pr ...read more

Posted 11 June 2021

Health & Nutrition Advice with Dr Stephanie

We touched base with Dr Stephanie from AusDancersOverseas. Dr Stephanie answered all your commonly asked questions related to dancers' health and nutrition. In this blog we discuss the importance of f ...read more

Posted 28 May 2021

Dancing En Pointe

Receiving your first pair of pointe shoes and finally being allowed to dance en pointe is a milestone every single dancer looks forward to with so much anticipation and excitement, no matter what stag ...read more

Posted 05 May 2021

Answering Your Common Technique Questions

Want to learn Claudia's top tips & advice to your commonly asked technique questions? ...read more

Posted 07 April 2021

Injury Prevention with Expert Dance Physiotherapist

We are so excited to announce that Injury Recovery barres are launching on our platform Coach Me World! We have designed these barres in collaboration with our expert Dance physiotherapist; Louise Dry ...read more

Posted 31 March 2021

Time Management Tips

Learning how to manage your time is extremely important, especially when you have a busy schedule. As dancers, we spend a huge portion of our week in dance classes, followed by school work and extra s ...read more

Posted 17 March 2021

Tips for Moving Away From Home

Many dancers dream about moving away from home to receive professional training or even to pursue a professional career. When the opportunity avails, it can be a very exciting and daunting time. ...read more

Posted 24 February 2021

Training At Home

2020 definitely taught us: When there is a will, there is a way! This relates to everything in life & especially our dance training. In any circumstance, you can still achieve goals, adapt & change fo ...read more

Posted 09 February 2021

Improve your Turnout

Every dancer has heard the words ‘turnout more’ in their training years or career in classical ballet. Often dancers can be left feeling confused because knowing HOW to improve it is through specialis ...read more

Posted 20 January 2021

QnA with Dr Lisa from Dance Prescription

DANCE PRESCRIPTION has launched on Coach Me World & we are so proud of all our platform dancers who are participating & improving throughout our Tilt Course. ...read more

Posted 30 December 2020

How to prepare for an audition

Auditions are one of the most exciting aspects of a dancers journey. Whether the audition is for a dance group, school, company or even a role in a ballet. Every single dancer will attend an audition ...read more

Posted 23 December 2020

Picking the best leotard for you

Finding a leotard that suits your body & makes you feel confident is so important for exams, competitions and every technique class. You want to look for a style that flatters your physique, fits comf ...read more

Posted 16 December 2020

How to stay motivated during the holidays

Taking the time to rest both your mind and body over the holidays is essential, so you can bounce back full of motivation to achieve great results! ...read more

Posted 09 December 2020

How to deal with Rejection

It’s important to celebrate rejection as it’s what steers us onto the path that is waiting for us! Often people associate rejection with a negative experience however, I believe it’s an opportunity to ...read more

Posted 26 November 2020

How to deal with injuries

As dancers we test our boundaries, both mentally and physically to become the best artists we can be. Injuries & niggles are inevitable because we are pushing our bodies to an extreme level & doing th ...read more

Posted 19 November 2020

Remembering Choreography

We all know that picking up choreography quickly and remembering it with precision is a necessity for our exam work, audition work & general class work. When you join a company, remembering choreograp ...read more

Posted 12 November 2020

How to Improve your foot flexibility & strength

We are all capable of improving our feet further. Whether you were born with flexible, stiff, hypermobile or strong feet, we can always transform the shape of them through daily Key Exercises & commit ...read more

Posted 03 November 2020

How To Improve Your Confidence

Being confident is being you. Confidence comes from within and is something that you learn to build through the experiences you go through in life. ...read more

Posted 29 October 2020

Body Positivity

Your body is your super power & makes up who you are. You are unique & you need to use the body you've been given to your advantage. We all have insecurities & areas we wish we could change however th ...read more

Posted 21 October 2020

Professional Dancer Q&A: Elisabeth Beyer

Elisabeth has taken the ballet world by storm from a very young age. She is currently dancing with American Ballet Theatres Studio Company at just 18 years of age. A ballet competition star, having wo ...read more

Posted 14 October 2020

Nutrition for Dancers

Dancers, did you catch Rachel’s takeover on our Coach Me World stories? If you missed out, don’t worry, we have you covered! Rachel from To The Pointe Nutrition shared some incredibly valuable tips & ...read more

Posted 30 September 2020

How To Master Pirouettes En Dehor

Dancers, how incredible is the sensation of being so perfectly ‘on balance,’ that you feel like you could pirouette forever? The secret to achieving this feeling and mastering your ...read more

Posted 15 September 2020

How To Stay Motivated In Isolation

Motivation comes from within, it comes from a balance of discipline and inspiration. ...read more

Posted 15 September 2020

How To Prepare For Your Exam

Exams are an important aspect of your dance training and an amazing opportunity to showcase what you have worked on throughout the year. ...read more

Posted 15 September 2020

How To Achieve Your Splits

You can achieve your splits at any time, any age and any skill level. ...read more