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RETURN TO BLOG Posted 03 November 2020

How To Improve Your Confidence

By Claudia Dean

Being confident is being you. Confidence comes from within and is something that you learn to build through the experiences you go through in life. We gain confidence when we are out of our comfort zones, examples are: the first time we go on stage, speaking in public for the first time, completing a job interview, & the list goes on! All these moments feel uncomfortable at the time however they give us the foundations to grow and become more confident within ourselves over time.

The first step to confidence is embracing yourself as a person & accepting that every challenging moment you have overcome this far, has developed you to be more confident within yourself. Your insecurities and moments of doubt create who you are and when you embrace them & move forward regardless, you’ll feel accomplished. 

We feel more confident when we are achieving, accepted and appreciated, so it’s important to remind yourself that you are worthy of those 3 words. Practice positive self-talk everyday to encourage positive change & remind yourself daily: I am achieving, accepted & appreciated. You’ll notice that you’ll start appreciating who you are and the opportunities that surround you each day; the ability to dance, being able to read this blog & having 3 meals to eat each day. Being grateful for what you have gives you confidence towards the smallest things in life, which will improve your attitude overall. 

Remember to celebrate what you love about yourself too. You can practice self acceptance graciously by telling yourself out loud each day 3 qualities you love about what you have. This could be your determination, eye colour or work ethic & it’s important that you remind yourself of those best attributes as often as you can. Once you believe in yourself, you will then start believing in the goals you set for yourself too. Create a vision board of goals or write down what you want to achieve for your future. Include places, people & experiences that you want to attract for your life so you can remain focused towards what you want. You can start with smaller goals that will build into your bigger goals because you’ll feel accomplished when your goals become reality from the practices you’ve put into place using vision boards & goal setting. 

Let’s chat about how we can avoid losing confidence. We often feel this when we allow what others think of us or external opinions affect us. Remember that a positive or negative opinion/comment from someone else shouldn’t shake you. When you know who you are & you accept yourself, what others think of you, shouldn’t devalue or complete you. You are enough & another opinion shouldn’t alter that because you are confident in who you are. Know your worth, stay in your lane and trust that whatever is meant to come your way, will happen. You either win or you learn. 

In situations where you are out of your comfort zone & you’re doubting yourself, it is important to think of strategies that will help you remain calm under pressure as this will help you grow your confidence.  It’s quite impressive what an impact a simple facial expression can have on how you appear and feel confident. Over 80% of our communication happens through our body language! Here are a few things you could try:

  • Feeling shy in a conversation? Place your weight on two feet, lift your chest and look your partner in the eye. Uncross your arms and smile. I bet your conversation will instantly become pleasant and you will feel in control

  • Awkward silence in the lift or while washing your hands? Smile at the other person, you’ll both instantly feel at ease and you might even make their day!

  • Answering the phone? Smile - it has such an effect on the tone of your voice & make you sound confident while talking. 

Also remember the best way to feel upbeat is to listen to music! Our favorite music has the ability to instantly change our mood  If you’re feeling a little down, or in an uneasy situation, find an  upbeat playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or Youtube that makes you feel motivated!

Dancers, remember that your power is being YOU.  Embrace every flaw, insecurity & experience because these allow us to grow and become resilient. Confidence is key to success and when you accept yourself for who you are, you’ll be able to believe & achieve every goal that is destined to come your way!