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RETURN TO BLOG Posted 15 September 2020

How To Stay Motivated In Isolation

By Claudia Dean

Motivation comes from within, it comes from a balance of discipline and inspiration. Set your goals, find pathways to get there & stay accountable so you keep yourself motivated towards your short term and long term goals.

We often lack motivation when we are struggling to find purpose, routine & inspiration. The first step to feeling motivated is to set your long term goals & then put in place little steps to get there. Once you have a clear plan of what you want, you can then stay accountable through positive habits. Planning your schedule weekly to strategically reach your long term goals is key. I personally use my online google calendar and set my tasks out daily so I can clearly see what I need to complete for each day. Planning keeps you on track because your intention will always be to complete the tasks, so this feeling will keep you more motivated. You can also try using a written diary, writing down lists, or setting reminders on your phone to keep you accountable.

Relying on discipline is key. This approach will keep your commitment there, even during the times where your motivation may be lacking. If you are feeling unmotivated, you can source inspiration through online resources, books or social media, however to stay proactive towards your goals, you need to discipline yourself to stay committed. 

Try starting a vision board so you remember why you started. If you have clear long term goals then print out pictures of the places, people, destinations that you want in life. Put your vision board in a place where you can see it everyday so you can take a moment to reflect on your goals & stay accountable.

Motivation also comes from finding time to move your body at least once a day! This will boost your energy levels, clear your mind and give you satisfaction.

You can do interval training, skipping, complete your key exercises or try a tutorial on Coach Me World to refine your technique. The key is to plan and set aside the time everyday to complete your daily exercise. Let’s spend 15 mins now doing these key exercises to get your body moving, grab your Power Band & let’s go:

  1. Start on all fours, and complete my "Singular Deep Rotators” Key Exercise, to strengthen your deep turnout muscles.

  2. Next, lying on your back, try an active stretch like my “Resist Hamstring Stretch” using your Power Band. This will elongate your muscles while strengthening them at the same time. 

  3. Flipping onto your front, the “Open my Hips” is another amazing Key Exercise to make sure you can access your full turn out and improve your hip flexibility. 

  4. Next, do your “Mermaid Against the Wall”, bringing your head as close as possible to your toes, to stretch your back for a more flexible arabesque line. 

  5. Finally, prepare your feet with my “Roller Foot Stretch”, using your Power Band and roller. Stretch the top of your foot and increase your hyperextension to improve the look of your leg & foot line, before you start your day. 

Well done, you’ve successfully moved your body for today! You can also access hundreds more Key Exercises on Coach Me World, so you can get started on creating your personalised warm up routine, or complete my “Warm Up” follow along.

Whether you are exercising to improve your performance, or as a form of self care, fuelling your body correctly is a necessity for motivation. I always start my day off with a balanced, healthy breakfast and make time for three healthy meals every day. It is so important to learn to listen to what your body needs. What we put in will have an effect on our energy levels & mood. If you want to feel motivated, remember to choose balanced foods & decent portion sizes so your body has an adequate amount of energy to function to the best of its ability!

A balanced diet, a healthy exercise routine and most importantly, enough rest, recovery and sleep are key factors to staying fit and energised, physically and mentally. Implementing small habits daily is the first step towards an optimal routine. Remember, you can start by making small changes & implement positive habits daily into your life to improve your motivation levels! 

Dancers, I have a challenge for you: complete my “Warm Up” every day for a week and send me a DM on @coachmeworld to let me know how you go!